Jul 20, 2024

Mahikeng Anxious for Bold Plans About the Economy and Corruption.


Northwest residents keen to hear what the President has in store, to say during the Presidential address for SONA.

Mahikeng residents want to hear the President addressing issues of service delivery in particular issues of roads and what he will be bringing to the table.

The residents are struggling with issues such as road and issues of water amongst other things, those are the things they are highlighting to hear the President mentioned.

“The President was addressing last year, and he promised several things but even this year, they have not fulfilled, so this is frustrating.”

A resident said, “we want roads and lights, we are sick and tired to vote for people who do nothing for us.”

They are also hoping the President will address issues of local government municipalities, service delivery is a serious challenge and water shortage. “The struggle of water did not just begin overnight, they have been on ongoing problem and met on deaf ears.”

Herman Mashaba; “we don’t need Deputy ministers, we can save money for service delivery.”

Residents are pleading with the president to come up with the solution to assist them, because for quite some time struggling for to service delivery has been an ongoing factor.

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