Apr 18, 2024

Maeteko Funeral Parlour Faced With A Possible Law-Suit For Negligence.


The most loved and oldest funeral parlour in Limpopo turns out to be the worst service provider.  Recent unappealing cases occurred at the funeral parlour earlier this month, leaving many families traumatised.

Over the years, Maeteko funeral services has experienced a decline in terms of clients due to poor services, the increment of monthly payments in prices, and a number of bad reviews all over. According to a recent case that happened in Namakgale, a family has been left at mostly disappointed with the services received from the funeral parlour.

The daughter of the deceased (whose family name is undisclosed) has revealed that they brought their deceased mother to the funeral parlour on Friday 12 November 2021 and on Monday the 15th, they went to the funeral parlour only to find their mother wasn’t placed in a freezer and  inquired about the situation.

In response to their shocking discovery, they were told that she will soon freeze; it was just a matter of load-shedding. On Tuesday and Wednesday the family returned to the parlour to conclude funeral preparations and nothing was discussed with them.

The negligence of the corpse raised eyebrows and became a serious situation on the day of collection.

“During the verification process, I quickly noticed worms were coming out of my mother’s mouth, nose and ears and I asked the workers how come my mother has worms coming out of her whilst she was in a freezer, they kept on saying she was in a freezer, I later asked them to show me the fridge she was in, they refused.”

When this incident came to the ears of others, it touched many, leading to more clients revealing the unsatisfying services they too experienced with the funeral parlour: “Maeteko is just crap. I remember in 2018 when I lost my aunt, the coffin was muddy and wet as if they’ve just pulled it out from some graveyard. It was messed up underneath, if attention wasn’t paid, she would’ve fell out, mind you she was also wet. To show that something was fishy, the hearses were ready waiting for us. Right after the funeral we cancelled the sh** they call membership, with them.” read a comment

One Maluleke family wrote a review stating the dissatisfaction they got when they buried their grandmother. The deceased was brought in with a wrong casket, the opposite of what the family chose. The driver told them he will offload the body and head back to get the right casket, traumatised by this suggestion the family prompted to escort the driver in their private vehicle. The unpleasure did not end there, after they were provided with only two family cars as not agreed and the elderly were dropped a distance at the cemetery forcing them to walk a way to where the burial site was.

Some of the residents in Namakgale have called on the mortuary to close down as it is failing to provide better services. The undisclosed family of the daughter who had to witness her mother’s body decomposing before having been buried, is aiming on slamming the funeral parlour with a law-suit for negligence.