Apr 16, 2024

Maeteko Funeral Parlour Exposed By An Ex-employee

Maeteko Funeral Parlour

According to a voice note released by Speak Out Phalaborwa reporter Edmon Mbetse it appears that an ex-employee of Maeteko Funeral Parlour Maropeng Lapane has broken his silence over what his former employer did concerning two corpses from Medingen and Ximausu.

The voice note reveals that the corpse that belonged to the Ramothwala family in Medingen went missing in the Funeral Parlour’s refrigerators in Giyani. After learning that the missing corpse was delivered and buried in Ximausu, the undertakers placed bricks inside the coffin of the Ramothwala wannabe corpse.

“I was told not to open the coffin as it was during those hard COVID-19 restrictions,upon my way delivering the corpse to Medingen, i heard bricks falling off inside the coffin.”

“During the burial at the cemetery, when i used the “casket-lowering device” to lower the coffin inside the grave, the coffin got stuck, i had to use my hand to force the coffin to go down, when i pulled my hand back that’s when i realised that there’s indeed bricks inside the coffin.”

“When i confronted one of the guys who was inside when they packed those bricks inside the coffin , the guy replied by asking me that wasn’t i told that there are bricks inside the coffin.” The ex-employee revealed that he’s willing to do anything to help the Ramothwala’s get justice for their loved one against the funeral parlour as this will bring him peace and closure.

“This mortuary needs to learn that they shouldn’t fool people around, this isn’t the first time a similar incident also happened whereby we mistakenly swapped corpses minor corpses from Namakgale and Ga-Motupa.” said the ex-employee.

Maeteko has denied all the allegations made by the ex-employee and their legal advisor has urged the ex-employee to take an oath through an affidavit and open a case at a nearby police station.

The Speak Out Phalaborwa reporter Edmon Mbetse has told Africa Newz that he’ll visit the Ramothwala family on Monday whereby they will also be opening a case against Maeteko Funeral Parlour as advised.