May 28, 2024

MacG predicted Dlamini-Jones marriage fail

Following the Dlamini Jones divorce news, cheating rumors ensued not too long after. Minnie Dlamini is rumored to have cheated on estranged husband Quinton Jones which is said to be the reason for the divorce.

A clip from the infamous Podcast and chill with MacG has resurfaced where MacG predicts . In the MacG refers to the likes of Boity and Minnie Dlamini as ‘it girls’, “No one in their right mind would marry an it girl” he said.

MacG explains that only a man outside the industry would make a wife out of an ‘it girl’ . To further prove his point he challenges podcast co-host Sol Penduka to name an ‘it girl’ who has had a successful marriage.

Notorious celebrity gossip blogger Musa Khawula revealed that the man Minnie is said to have cheated with to be wealthy businessman Edwin Sodi.

“I remember there were rumours that Quinton Jones spent millions to marry Minnie, kodwa manje she cheated on him just like that ?? Hai basadi”, said one Twitter user.

Fans wait in anticipation for this week’s episode of podcast and chill with MacG.