May 20, 2024

Longwe Twala’s Story Leaves Question Marks


Since October 2014, red flags were spotted with loopholes on stories told, explaining what really transpired in Vosloorus when Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa was shot and killed while allegedly protecting his then girlfriend Kelly Khumalo. It was the story Longwe Twala told that got heads shaking in disbelief.

People have become more invested in finding out what happened to Senzo Meyiwa on the day of his murder, with strong focus on Longwe Twala and Kelly Khumalo. During his radio interview, Twala told a story detailing what happened, and it was then that people started suspecting he might have pulled the trigger. He got the story mixed up not knowing if he was nervous or did not revise his story well before going on air. Leaving the phone in the house then having it in his pocket, having to also managed to escape but know how Senzo died, raised eyebrows that led to listeners conclude Twala might have been the shooter. (Below is a link to the radio interview)

Over 8 years and the truth is hard to crack. Followers of the story suggest the truth will only be told if Twala and Khumalo are brought in for questioning. Advocate Malesele Teffo’s arrest, brought fought more public eye to the case, opening up a can of worms containing suspicions. The public now believe Adv Teffo was on to something that a warrant of arrest was immediately released on hopes to set back the case.

It was also Mosia’s promotion thats now a thing of question. Mosia was the police officer who attended to the crime scene, hours later Senzo was shot. People say Adv Teffo has tricks up his sleeves and might be in the verge of getting to the bottoms of the truth, finding out and exposing the true killer of Senzo Meyiwa.