Jun 18, 2024

Loadshedding gone for the weekend.

Eskom loadshedding

Eskom says loadshedding unlikely to happen over the weekend after the power utility recovers some lost generation capacity.

After experiencing constant loadshedding for more than a week now, Eskom promises the general public that there will be no loadshedding over the weekend, Eskom stated that their systems are restored to full generational capacity.

Residents seem unimpressed with Eskom, as they do no longer trust the power utility will be able to keep lights on for more than a day in the country as they are always on the dark, though Eskom makes promises that are not kept.

Eskom stated that they need billions to keep lights on in the country by refurbishing their ailing systems. With most of the municipalities opting for independent power producers it remains to be seen if Eskom will improve.

The government stated no extra money will be provided to state parastatals if they are no improvements to their current state.

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