Jul 21, 2024

Limpopo | Woman Birth Quadruplets


“Letaba hospital welcomed quadruplets from a 27 years old African woman via cesarean section. Unfortunately one baby was a macerated stillbirth. The mother is in a stable condition. The three babies are also in very stable condition in Neonatal ICU .Their weight range between 1.3kg and 1.5kg. They are all females.”

Letaba hospital in Limpopo was blessed with quadruplets, a birth to remember for the hard working nurses at the maternity ward, along with their doctors. Out of excitement for the success of the birth even though one passed, the news was shared.

Although the news was welcomed and well wishes sent, concerns from other citizens came about. Questions of whether or not the government is aware foreign nationals have more babies than South Africans do. With poverty falling on the youth of South Africa, majority are graduates, unemployed and without children at the age of 27. The story raised an alarm to many who say the truth is not told that foreigners sought to have a limit and rules or laws should be drawn for such instances.

South Africa is at the moment divided into two with Operation Dudula working on illegal immigrants while the other side says the movement should let it be and watch South Africa change to anyhow, as long as one as an individual wake up to see another day.