Jul 21, 2024

Limpopo’s power couple breaks up

Master KG and Makhadzi Breakup

It’s not all gold that glitters, as Master KG and Makhadzi starts the new year with heart breaks as Master KG announced his break-up from Makhadzi on social media after a year of reunion.

This follows cheating accusations on both parties, Makhadzi accused Master KG of cheating on her with two Tswana ladies. Furthermore, the Ghanama hitmaker also shared Master KG’s personal numbers on social media and later claimed that she was hacked.

Meanwhile, Master KG also accused Makhadzi of cheating on him with Vee Mampeezy. The duo secretly dated a few years ago and later called it quits in 2020, they later reunited in 2021 as they officially announced that they are back to being lovers.

Master KG took it to his Facebook page, revealing that he has ended his relationship with Makhadzi. “It is sad to say this, but me and my Queen Makhadzi we no longer in a relationship, but we continue working together to entertain our lovely fans going forward. Thank you,” the Facebook post read.

However, Makhadzi slammed Master KG’s post claiming that Master KG made a typing error. “I will update the date and venue soon. He just did a typing error, he wanted to tell you that he loves me, and he can’t wait to come to my show.”