Jul 21, 2024

Lerato Kwago | “For All Your Domestic needs”


They say do what you love but what about when what you love requires you to go an extra mile, opt in other businesses that might end up bringing life to your real dream business.

Lerato Kwago, a young, motivated individual who sought to grow her Spa business and the solution she came to find herself taking on, is to clean households to generate money for her spa business that needs proper equipment to grow and flourish beyond where it is currently.

Being a 27 year old female from Khuma Stilfontein in the North West, Lerato Kwago finds herself living in Johannesburg after she came to further her studies. However, she is not currently busy with studies, she works twice as hard to accumulate enough to fund her accreditation as a massage therapist and with the current drive in the work she does cleaning, Kwago believes all will come to reality.

The young lady put character to the words “Domestic Worker” with the way she is on about it. Being a domestic worker is a job that many belittle and take for granted even though it is the same job that managed many households, provided school uniform for the whole house and took many to varsity. This job is the kind any youth wouldn’t find themselves going into but Kwago saw it as the fast way to raise money for her business and not wait for man from heaven.

One thing she realised when she stumbled into this kind of business is that the market is very big in cleaning households as every house needs cleaning. While at it she also takes the chance to advertise her Spa business to her clients and vice versa when she’s at the spa. Struggling to make ends meet and still fighting to pay bills that keep piling up, she would rather go into the same kind of work that her age mates wouldn’t dare do.

“Instead of depressing myself, I’d rather come up with solutions on how to tackle my situation till I make my way through. My aim is to make money and I will stop at nothing to get the life I deserve and provide for my family, so if it means I’ll scrub my age groups feet for money or clean their homes and so forth, then I will.” said Kwago

They say the aim is not to sweat but honestly though, to really get what you want the aim is to sweat. At this day and age with unemployment, pride only blocks you from getting that paper and getting through, therefore the only way is to get on board and work for that money, or watch others make and spend it. To get hold of Lerato Kwago and to get more information regarding her business, contact 072 782 6376.