Lerato Kganyago puts a sock in Musa Khawula’s mouth

Lerato Kganyago

Cyber bullying does not come as a surprise and with Musa Khawula taking over Twitter spilling secrets and allegations, Lerato Kganyago says, “I’m not the one.”

Lerato Kganyago like many other celebrities have sent out their law suit threats to Khawula but this time Kganyago says she’s had it with Khawa. “Critize but don’t disrespect me @MusaKhawula many years ago I let you slide with your bullying and you know who sent you. You’ve got criminal charges from 2013, of drug trafficking, robbery, you’ve been convicted (just to name a few) to deal with.”

The DJ expressed on how she is tired of taking it lying down with Musa and his vile tweets, she mentions on how him and his celebrity friends have gotten away with making her life “uncomfortable” but as she promised to get them, she plans to do so.

Khawula is known for continuesly tweeting on celebrities, be it good or bad he tweets on and actually gets a reaction out of it. Many celebrities have taken to social media with statements from lawyers scrapping Musa’s allegations as false but has till today not stopped or apologized for his tweets.

It is unclear if Musa Khawula exist and if his account is created under false pretense but from Kganyago’s tweet it seems as though she knows more than many know.

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