May 24, 2024

Lekau Sehoana | Success Does Not Happen Over Night

Lekau Sehoana

From stocking up eggs and distributing them at the local spaza shops, to selling drip shoes carless, using uber and taxify. Indeed victory is always possible for a person who refuses to stop fighting.

Drip founder Lekau Sehoana shared the story of how he struggled so much that he did not even have shoes to wear, growing up in the township poverty did not discourage nor make him give up on his dreams, the drip boss kept pushing venturing into different businesses, though most of them collapsed.

Lekau Sehoana shared of how he used to hustle by stocking up eggs from a local farm, selling them in the township local spaza shops, he managed to grow the business until he was able to sell 50 boxes for R380 a box per day. Though the business collapsed due to increased competition of which they were cheaper than him.

The entrepreneur ventured into other businesses, until to the point where he owns a multi million rands sneaker business, one might think he had it easy judging from drip success. The drip man had to borrow money from family and friends to meet demands of producing the much loved shoe.

Today, Drip has a number of stores all over South Africa with a fleet of cars, a huge building, corporate offices and massive warehouse, all this happening over a period of 3 years indeed perseverance is power. His main focus now is to create employment for South Africans.