Jul 21, 2024

Lefiso | EFF Candidate Upgrading His Community after Losing 2016 Elections


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are fighting to conquer the Dr JS Moroka Municipality and dominate all wards in Mpumalanga, by full force.

We stumbled upon one of the EFF candidates Johannes Maphalla, running for ward 22 this coming local municipality elections.  Maphalla set out his plan to win the next elections, after losing the 2016 elections; he vowed to work twice as hard for his community to notice the work of the EFF in the area.

According to answers provided by Maphalla, he has been working around the clock to upgrade his community, attending to every issue involving injustice in their village and surrounding villages. Their assistance went as far as helping the youth with bursaries, applications and providing job placements updates.

Throughout the EFF mandate during campaigns, the party has pressed on how service delivery and basic needs should be a priority and once in power that is exactly what they will offer. Maphalla says they have assisted many households with electricity. He mentioned them as a party are behind the abolishment of old dilapidated toilets at Malatse High School, making certain all schools in ward 22 receive enviro-loo toilets.

Planning ahead for the Local Government Elections, the EFF candidate says once they win that part of the election, they would supply water at Gamaria Village, re-gravel all routes inside the villages and strive to erect sporting facilities. With education being key, Maphalla has promised Africa Newz he will encourage the youth to get their qualifications, help find sponsors and bursary support.

He closed off saying “we will strive for Department of Education to supply scholar transport for long distance learners.” Maphalla says he is available anytime and asks society to make the right choice when voting and vote for what they believe in.