Jun 22, 2024

Leeuwspruit Primary Forced to Close School Gates | Sasolburg Floodings


Natural disaster delays learning at Leeuwspruit as the school is now forced to closed its gate after floods hover the school premises.

Sasolburg experienced heavy rain that led to flooding in no time, forcing families to work tirelessly to remove water within their houses and some hopelessly had to watch as the water damages it’s furniture and property.

The school premises however does not look promising, the schools play ground is filled with water as high as a pool, making it unsafe for learners especially the grade R pupils who use the play ground.

Parents are appreciative of the thought the school has for their children and welcomed the decision for the safety of their children. Certain areas leading to the school are also not safe for motor vehicles to use and no other alternative routes.

Residents of Sasolburg are in dire situations wondering if they can relive and fix the damage, however some residents are relieved the damage was not as bad and did not bring a huge disaster as it has in areas such as Eastern Cape where till to date, the damage has not been fixed.