Jun 22, 2024

Learners academically behind | Full time attendance


Research shows most schools only managed to cover 30% of required written activities. Schools are behind with the curriculum learning due to various reasons including the rotational strategy.

National education collaboration trust CEO Godwin Khosa says the involvement of parents in their kids learning will reduce the stress on teachers. He says the time lost can be compared to a string, unpredictable as to when it will end after some schools are only able to return to school now in 2022 since 2020.

The department of education say they are fighting hard into making certain all school receive textbooks and give school the proper repairs and infrastructure needed to assist learners in getting back on track with academics.

Some learners were sent back home at a number of schools due to overcrowding which the school says they ask for mobile classes and furniture’s along with text books to resume leaning for all learners.