Jun 15, 2024

Latest Uzalo episode leaves Mzansi in tears


The scene had Njeza played by Nkanyiso Makhanya, mercilessly assaulting Nosipho played by Nompilo Maphumulo, in full view of the community.

The scene was supposed to show/depict how ignorant society has become towards Gender Based Violence in the country, whilst ‘Njeza’ was busy beating ‘Nosipho’ half to death, the people were just standing by filming the whole thing with their phones and taking pictures.

South Africans reacted to the episode with some applauding the bravery of the producers and performances of both ‘Nosipho’ and ‘Njeza’, however, some also felt that the scene was too graphic and sensitive.

“I know they are raising awareness #Uzalo but the act was too much, i couldn’t watch anymore”, ” They deserve a Grammy #Uzalo everything felt so real. That’s real talent”, “#Uzalo Nosipho killed tonight’s episode Njeza as well*”, read some of the tweets.

Uzalo also tweeted sharing that they hope the episode will positively influence victims and abusers to seek help. ” It may have been triggering for some survivors to watch however we are here to say, YOUR STORY IS YOUR POWER! we hope to have positively influenced victims and abusers to seek help. Let’s Interrupt the pattern & say No to Gender Based Violence!!! #Uzalo,” tweeted Uzalo.