Jun 15, 2024

Late Peter Mokaba Honoured by ANCYL

After sending out an apology to the ANCYL for the delay and misconduct, the president thanked everyone present with his greeting.

Welcomed with a revolutionary song by the youth of the ANC, Ramaphosa with a tired spirit from the golf session, “I appreciate your enthusiasm and coming in numbers to listen to me” said the president, also thanking the ANC committee for agreeing to continue the event at an open space to resolve the tag requirement issue.

Ramaphosa described Peter Mokaba as the right leader to have led the youth at the time when apartheid was an oppression to the black South Africans. And extension of appreciation to the late leader was made for his contribution as a revolutionist at a very young age along many others.

Mentions of youth who joined uMkhontoweSizwe, the young lions of 1980s and the young of democratic society who have made a contribution were appreciated. Former side by solders of Mokaba during his role was Sihle Zikalala who made his arrival all the way from KZN to the event of his late comrade.

The ANC as a movement has decided to put efforts on creating jobs, thoughts put on the table to move the medicine university to Limpopo and opening a mining university in the province. “We know we have to do more to create opportunities for the youth.” Ramaphosa

NSFAS have announced progress in which the number of those going to further their studies for 2022, have increased and anextention has been set to accommodate more. Ramaphosa says jobs and skills for young people are mandatory to their decisions and focus on expanding the skill base for the youth. “We support the call for economic freedom now”

The dropout rate of SA before reaching grade 12, is what the ANC aims to look into also with the R350 investigation having revealed that majority of the recipients do not have matric. ANC president says they want to end poverty as it’s a contributing factor to the dropout rate and to also offer opportunities that will create entrepreneurship to the youth.

Peter Mokaba is described as a spirit that has been fighting to keep the ANCYL alive and not ransacked as the previous years. Ramaphosa calls for unity in the ANYL to also unite the youth of the coutry and provide leadership earning respect. The call to end GBV and Rape trend against women at university campuses is urged by the president, for the ANYL to prioritise on it.

In celebration of Peter Mokaba, “the youth league must go back to its former glory, rise from the ashes.” cried Ramaphosa

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