May 28, 2024

Lady du make amends with her father DJ Choc

Dududzile Ngwenya (31) commonly known by her stage name, Lady du, has cleared up the beef with her father DJ Choc, after there was a recent viral video of the father not raising lady du, after allegations grew that the musician grew up poor, she did not have a financial backup and groomed herself.

“I do not know what this lady du of yours meant when she said she grew up poor when I have worked so hard and sacrificed so much for her, rather hoed around, spent my money with men, seduced them with money like she still does even now. I do not know what she thinks she is doing, she never grew up poor, she had everything she wanted- she is who she is today because of me. she is not appreciative. she is a dog!! I gave birth to a dog” those were the words from her father after he was allegedly told that Lady du claims to have not been financially supported by anyone and slammed those claims.

The Singer claims to have been misquoted after she made an Instagram post which is now deleted saying at the age of 16 she already had her first car, and her present life doesn’t revolve around anyone also further explained how she made her name up in the industry let alone struggling and suffering whilst life was slobbering her after she moved out from her home and got her space now she won’t allow anyone to have their despondent and untrue view about her. Her fans think the dad is jealous as she just recently bought her mom a Mercedes Benz on Mother’s Day.

According to the reports by media houses, lady du said that her father was “hurting” because of her newly deleted post on Instagram and won’t beat herself up about it because her post was taken out of context.” I tried to speak to him. I sent him a message. He is hurting and I want to get to the point and find out what is the problem. If a person is hurt and they, do it to the extent, I need to do it not by myself but with elders, so we find the underlying cause of why and what got him to that state.’’ She also asserted to have a close connection with her father and that he will always be her hero.