Jun 18, 2024

KZN Flooding Death Toll Rises


The country is left overwhelmed by the rising of the KZN Flooding Death toll. Reports state the number has now risen to 253 with many still missing. The country has joined hands in prayer for the province.

The ongoing 4 day heavy rain has caused a lot of damage to the province leaving resident vulnerable and distraud. The flooding had left home, goods, plantation and landscape destroyed. Videos and clips of houses falling apart have circulated, airport containers left many shocked.

Earlier an image of a man who respectfully handled his 6 year old sons corpse placing it on the back of a bakkie on their way from police station, left many hearts melting with heartache. “My head is throbbing. I can’t stop thinking about the man who lost his 6-yr-old son. How he refused to leave him even as bodies were being piled onto the 4×4 transporting them. How he moved him as if to make sure he was comfortable and looked at him b4 leaving the station.” tweeted journalist Kayleen Morgan.