Jul 20, 2024

Klerksdorp | Milner High under Investigation after a Fight Outbreak.


The Department of Education in the North West, have set out an investigation, after a physical fight broke out between a learner and the school’s principal at an assembly.

A video on the alleged assault, was taken by learners with their devices, is doing the rounds in social media. The incident took place in the school premises at the assembly at around 08:00 in the morning, after the school management identified a 17 year old grade 10 pupil, who was supposed to be on suspension for disciplinary issues.

It is said that when the principal and the deputy principal approached the learner to question him about his violation of the suspension rule, the learner quarreled with the teachers leading the situation to a physical fight. The MEC for Education Mmaphefo Matsemela has in strong terms, condemned such assaults from taking place within the school premises.

“I take this time to strongly condemn any act of violence or assault that takes place in our school environment against any educator or learner. I have established a team to conduct an intensive immediate investigation on the incident so that an appropriate action could be taken. The principal has been put on special leave to allow investigations to run smoothly without any interruption.” said MEC Matsemela

Resulting from a meeting with different stakeholders, it was agreed that teaching and learning be resumed and not interrupt the innocent learners with their studies. The media has since 2018 seen a huge spike in assaults, in the South African schools. Recently a primary school teacher in Cape Town, was shot dead by a former student.

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