May 28, 2024

Klerksdorp Jouberton residents fear the coming weekend

AlQaeda Gang Leader Nguzo

Following the death of AlQaeda gang leader Paul “Nguzo” Ndamoyi, Jouberton residents in Klerksdorp say they fear whats to come this pre and post Nguzo’s funeral. The AlQaeda gang leader was gunned down in what’s believed to be gang related.

Just as many are mourning his passing, allegations of an attack have headed to social media, claiming guns will be blazing throughout the weekend to avenge Nguzo’s death. However the gang issued a statement, stating no attack will take place and people should continue with their weekend as usual.

“We have noted that since the shooting incident social media has been circulating taking formsof statements, memes and voice notes speculating what had happened and creating uncertainties in the community. We wish to state that the community should avoid such negative statements that are misleading about what is going to happen.” read the statement

For the past week, a video of a man defending himself with a knife from a robbery attempt, showcasing the crime in Klerksdorp, has gone viral but that is the least of worries for the community of Jouberton who say they know the funeral will be the biggest and may result in a number of fatalities.

Police are always present during gang funerals to assure the safety of communities but have not confirmed to the public if they will be present at this very particular funeral of Nguzo. However with many not in fear of police anymore, it is said their presence will not make any difference or have meaning to the public.

Videos and graphical pictures of Nguzo’s shooting, are being shared on social media.