May 24, 2024

Klerksdorp | Handbag and Device grabbing From Vehicles


A recent crime syndicate is doing the rounds in Klerksdorp grabbing out handbags and devices left inside parked vehicles but mostly from vehicles waiting for the green light at the traffic lights.

Crime seems to become a dominant factor in South Africa with unlawful activities done on a daily basis at an extinctive uncontrollable rate. Criminals are now targeting the busy streets of Klerksdorp CBD in the North West, forcefully taking hold of driver’s personal possessions from their vehicles.

What they have been doing in the area is “they come up to the vehicle and knock on the passenger window to keep you distracted, and that’s when they attack from the opposite, so please don’t give them attention or try to hear what they are saying when they approach or knock on your window.” said one of the victims.

Drivers are urged to be on the lookout and have a curious eye out when driving around these hotspot areas. It is advised when around the CBD, car owners should drive with their doors locked, with all windows rolled up at all times and to not display personal devices or valuables on plain sight as the criminals do not find it hard to damage, break down the window to grant access to your possessions.

The Hotspot Areas Are:

Anderson Street

  • SARS Robot
  • Old Waldorf Apteek Robot
  • Old ABSA Saambou Robot
  • Nedbank Robot

Church Street

  • City Mall Robot
  • Old Edgars Robot
  • Capitec/FNB Robot
  • Standard Bank Robot
  • Robots at the Court
  • Price Busters Robot
  • Bridge Robot Exiting CBD