Jul 20, 2024

King Monada’s Last Minute U-turn at Motho Ko Hlapa Farm Event Divides Fans.

Motho Ko Hlapa

The Grand Opening of the highly anticipated Motho Ko Hlapa in Koope took place on the 24th of December 2021, had many talking and couldn’t wait for it to happen. The Event featured almost 39 local artists with King Monada as the main guest or artist.

With many events that took place around Bolobedu on the day of Christmas Eve , many had bought tickets for the Motho Ko Hlapa Farm Event with the hope of seeing King Monada in action but that didn’t happen as King Monada took to his social media page and announced he won’t be performing at the Motho Ko Hlapa Farm grand opening due to none payment from the event organizers.

The allegation caused a stir on social media as some of his fans express their disappointment in the Motho Ko Hlapa Farm management for not honouring their promises.

Following King Monada’s post, the owner of Motho Ko Hlapa Farm Mr Moses Gazman Mukhansi took it to Facebook to provide clarity that King Monada was indeed paid, and King Monada’s reasons for not pitching wasn’t because of payments arrangement issues but security concerns.

“Good day Batho bao hlapa

“We didn’t wish to post this here, but we need to clarify the “due to non payment” part posted by King. Here is our proof of payment. We did pay KMM and we really wanted our King to come and perform. As I said previously. We acknowledge our mistakes. We had hired Mahosi security company to come and assist in terms of tight security at the farm in making sure that everyone will be safe including our property (Motho ko hlapa farm). After we had made the payment as per agreement, the security company was no longer taking our calls later on neither showed up at the venue, even today we didnt get our refund. So for safety reasons we decided to cancel and not take a risk of bringing our big artist if there’s no tight security. We promise to deliver as promised next time. This is our very first event and we learn from our mistakes.” Mukhansi wrote.

Mukhansi accompanied the post with pictures that indicated as proof, cancelling out Monadas claims of none payment from the organisers. Fans were left undecided, questioning their favourite artist credibility when in comes to the information he makes public on his social media.

However fans are hopeful Motho Ko Hlapa Farm will live up to their promises for the next event and everything will go smoothly for them.