Jun 15, 2024

King Monada Sure Cassper Will Not Win


It’s no secret, King Monada is not team Cassper Nyovest when it comes to the Celeb City ring fight coming through on the 9th of April between Cassper Nyovest and Naak Musiq at Sun City Rustenburg.

Just like that, out of the blue, Monada pens down his opinion on the upcoming boxing match. In this case, Monada is sure Nyovest won’t take home the win and is not afraid to bet on it. Although he starts off by saying he likes Cass, it is clear Monada does not trust Don Billiato’s ability to come out victorious.

Just when we thought Naak Musiq does not have much support but it looks like team Naak from fans is slowly rising like a Phoenix bird. And now we have Monada who say oh well I can bet on it Cass won’t Naak Musiq out.

Monada went from Facebook to Twitter and said “If
wins I am giving my house back to the community.”

A bold move from Monada who leaves fans wondering if whether or not he will keep to his tweet or will say it was just a joke for publicity sake. Even Cassper Nyovest questioned him to ask if his account was hacked.

From where we standing, Nyovest has so much confidence in him and is sure he will take the win with a knockout. He even went as far as getting a new tattoo above his knees that says ‘IRON MIKE’ and we all know what that means right. Share your thoughts and predictions on the comment section below, or on any of our social media platforms.