May 20, 2024

King Monada Marries Wife number?

King Monada

Kwesta cheats and proposes to wife Yolanda again, and then BOOM, King Monada with a wedding picture captioned “With God everything is possible”. Now fans are curious as to this is wife number 3 or what.

But with Monada anything is possible. Possibility of the picture being one of his music video, is very high. Monada who is in a polygamous marriage, did not shock his fans as they say they wouldn’t be surprised to see him take a third wife. However linking this image to his recent posts, it is clear all this is one of his marketing stunts for his upcoming music video. With one of his posts captioned “Guess the song” followed by “GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW” it is with no doubt his not scoring wife number 3.

Monada has taken fond to a new strategy to market his music, which in a way is working for him, getting fans hooked on what’s next. Every picture gets captioned “Guess the song” before releasing the actual video. Just like when he posted his car being repossessed tweeting he’s broke, only to showcase his newly built mansion with the vehicle parked outside. Fans are looking forward to the upcoming music video and the song itself.