Jul 20, 2024

King Monada | Ganama S Plus video deleted from YouTube

King Monada Kay

King Monada Ganama S Plus video removed from YouTube due to copyrights claims reported by open mic productions.

Ganama song made headlines few months ago after King Monada and Makhadzi of open mic productions both released their own versions of the song due to disagreements of who owns the song and who is featured.

Earlier today King Monada shared a screenxot showing that the song is removed from YouTube due to copyrights claims launched by open mic productions that owns Makhadzi Ghanama version.

Monada assured his fans that he will fix the issue and that the video will be back online as soon as possible, Monada and Makhadzi apparently buried their differences last month as they were seen performing Ghanama together at an ANC event in Polokwane.

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Monada encountered similar issue when he first released his Ganama S Plus single as it was removed from all digital music platforms, he went on to solve the issue as the song was later reinstated.

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