Apr 16, 2024

King Monada Fires Up With a V Class Song

Remember “get out of my fucken car” video? King Monada once again humours South Africans by doing a song on it, along with Kay Murdur.

On the evening of 24 November, Monada went live on his Facebook playing the new V Clas song on the background while Kay mimics the song word for word. In the video you can hear Kay residing the words that came from the famous V Class video that blew the internet.

Kay can be seen showing off a vehicle key that’s believed to be of the very same vehicle mentioned on the song. As always Monada’s fans are cheering for him and for the song, many are even asking the Idibala hit maker to not delay the song its needed ASAP.

Although the song contains vulgar language, Monada’s followers sound pretty sure the track is fire and will do well once released. Some comments on the live vid read as follows:

“You can’t delay this song we need it together with the trend King Monada.”

“Where are you guys that mapiano is so dangerous.”

“Love the energy.”

Fans have showed thirst for the single to be released before December hits. Trends fade away, let’s see if the song get released it will be as a hit just as the Idibala track was during festive season