May 20, 2024

Kidnappers target Nyaope addicts to kidnap children

Kidnappers targeting Nyaopes

Parents are encourages to watch over their children when playing, as report allege that kidnappers are now working with individuals addicted to nyaope, promising them an amount R2000 to go and kidnap children.

Several videos of kidnapping attempts of children and actual kidnappings, have been making a trend on social media  being sent out as a warning to the public as to knowing the signs to look out for. South Africa has had a rise in kidnappings with parents still crying for their children. The new findings and report of kidnappers using drug addicts to kidnap children, many have been coming forth to share their stories.

A mother shared her story saying for days she has been seeing the same white vehicle stationed outside her house whenever he child is outside playing. A well known facebook user sharing job alerts and other important alerts, has shared the post encouraging every parent to monitor their kids when playing and to watch over them when sent to the tuck shops.