Jun 15, 2024

Kidnapped | Moti Family Issues a Statement for SA

Moti brothers kidnapped

A statement from the Moti family has been issued, thanking South Africa for being with them through prayers and thought while the four Moti brothers were kidnapped.

Kidnapping is a problem for the country, dozens and many reports were up, with a recent one of a girl kidnapped outside her school gate in front of other learners was released and sent home, with facts around the investigation shocking the country as to how close it was from home.

The four Moti brothers were kidnapped last year on their way to school with their private school transport in Limpopo, when an unknown vehicle took them and got rid of their mobile devices on scene. The brothers were kept away from the world for quite a long time with one of the brothers spending a birthday away from home.

The brothers were reunited with their family and for the safety of their sons, the Moti parents decided to move to Dubai as their boys were living in fear in SA. The statement released thanks the country for being with the family through prayers and understanding of the privacy the family has requested.

“Firstly, thank you South Africa for the prayers, love and support you have shown us. Your strength carried us through a time no parent should have to endure. Please understand we have been silent. Since our four sons were reunited to us, we have been living in fear of reprisal which could be caused by speaking out and drawing any further attention to ourselves.”

The family was questioned about whether or not an interdict was done against the police after the media made an announcement of an interdict.

“We have not issued an interdict against the Police. The media reports about an interdict is a complete falsehood, and the truth can be confirmed with Major General Manala from SAPS. Our sudden departure was beyond our control.”

The statement was a confirmation of the family’s relocation from South Africa to Dubai, the family says regardless of the relocation, SA will always be their home and the motive was to protect the sons and offer them a place they will feel safe.