Jul 20, 2024

Khanyi Mbau Honours Bae with Appreciation Post

Khanyi Mbau

Having been on the trending hot list for a sex scene, Khanyi Mbau thanks Boyfriend for being understanding and supportive of her choice of career and the surprises it brings to the table. Mbau has been the talk of the town with her very intimate sex act, playing Zandile on the telenovela ‘The Wife’ on Showmax.

Zandile and Nkosana had a rather intimate scene, with detailed sex scenes that had Mzansi jaw dropping and also divided. As much as some felt the scene was out of this world, some saw it as unnecessary and saying director lacked to give viewers the perfect story line, but instead distracted them with a sex part. Khanyi Mbau took to her twitter a few days ago saying the book had more intimate moments which are not witnessed on the telenovela. The telenovela is based and inspired by the book ‘The Wife’ .

Earlier in the day, Khanyi was trending on social media with many saying she may have killed the sex scene but they have lost interest in watching the telenovela any further. She later on Instagram gave us a love picture of her and bae, with a heart warming caption dedicated to her now boyfriend who she says has been every understanding and supportive of her.

“Your level of understanding baby, the way you let me chase my dreams and want to see me become the best at what I do is incredible and honestly beneath my wind. My silent cheer leader and fighter, my family, my guide. How you do it? Truly beats me. My love, my hubby, my heart. Thank you for remaining constant.”

Users say having an understanding partner like him is a blessing to Khanyi, jokingly saying if it was them they would order her to act and behave like she did on the scene. Mbau joined the set for season 2 as Nkosana’s love and wife.