May 27, 2024

KFC offers heartbroken Kubashen a fully sponsored blind date

KFC kubashen

Mzansi hit the ground with laughter after coming across a Facebook thread belonging to broken hearted Kubashen Pillayz from Durban KwaZulu Natal. Pillayz shared with the rest of his friends, his tears, explaining why he hates KFC.

It turns out that his heartbreak involves the “opposite gender” that left him lonely and hating KFC. It is not clear as to what really happened between Pillayz and the female in question, however KFC responded to his post, offering him a sponsored blind date. “Ag nee man! Askies Kubashen. We can’t let this be your final memory of KFC. We heard 947 was setting up blind dates not too long ago & if they set one up just for you, when you’re ready, we’ll sponsor your date so you can create new beautiful memories together. So 947 what do you say?” read the response

KFC wishes to win Pillayz back and console his heart with a blind date, and mzansi seems to stand behind the franchise in mending his heart. KFC is known for giving lovebirds just what they need, in the beginning, it trended after a man proposed at one of their franchise, a few years back. With the help from them and other companies that chipped in to provide the couple with a dream wedding, which landed them the “KFC couple” name.

Everyone is looking forward to how this one will go and if Pillayz will finally find true love, with whom he can share and create new memories with at KFC. A #JusticeForKubashenPillayz has been opened on Facebook.