May 24, 2024

Former US swimmer pleads guilty to felony obstruction charges


Olympic gold medallist Klete Keller pleads guilty to 6 January riot felony. It is reported that Keller wore his TEAM USA jacket when he entered the Capitol building where he shouted vulgarities at Democratic party leaders. Keller admitted to obstructing an official proceeding, after prosecutors agreed to drop six other charges, they brought against him in February.

Keller’s arrest in January caused outrage among Biden supporters, many of whom demanded the unprecedented action of taking away his swimming medals because of his alleged crimes. He won five medals in the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Olympics, including two golds. Those calls were renewed after Keller’s plea on Wednesday, since many Americans believed that he dishonoured America.

US district judge Richard Leon in the District of Colombia accepted Keller’s guilty plea at a court hearing. However, Leon will sentence Keller at another hearing that is yet to be scheduled. The charge has a recommended sentence of between 21 and 27 moths in prison, but Leon is not bound by that range. According to prosecutors, Keller was in the Capitol for nearly an hour, at one point yelling “Fuck Nancy Pelosi!” and “Fuck Chuck Schumer!” before others began pushing toward law enforcement officers.

Democrats have tried to frame the rioters as violent and racist terrorists who tried to carry out an insurrection at the behest of former President, Donald Trump. More than 600 people have been arrested in connection with the riot. Some of the suspects have been held in jail without bail while they await trial, while others have reportedly been kept in solitary confinement or subjected to physical abuse at the hands of guards or inmates.

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