Jun 15, 2024

A legend’s life is being honoured


The Actor, Author and playwright Bonisile John Kani, born in New Brighton in the Eastern Cape on the 30th August 1942, celebrates his 98th birthday.

Kani has been a great mentor to many, his dedication and love for his work resulted in him becoming the first actor to play OTHEO in South Africa. His love for acting starts at his school days, he performed in various schools.

Kani is a family man, he is a husband to Mandi Kani and has a son Athandwa kani who happens to also be an actor, growing the kani name more and more in the film and television industry.

His way to success wasn’t easy as he came across obstacles along the way. Being a first black actor to kiss a white woman, led him to many death threats from white people as it was during apartheid era, the time when It was not easy for a black man like him to make his dream a reality.

In the period of seven years during apartheid he received threats from authorities, due to plays he portrayed on stage, he lost his eye due to the attack from the police but that never stopped him from doing what he loves.

He appeared in various local and foreign films and through medium of theatre. Kani appeared in films such as Captain America: Civil War zone in 2016, Black Panther on 2018, just to name a few.

Being a great ambassador of the Market Theatre, his work has been celebrated not only in South African but also across the globe.  As he celebrates his 98th Birthday he’s being celebrated and honoured with so much love.

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