May 20, 2024

Kanana SAPS clear bridge entrance used for highjacking

Kanana SAPS Preventing Highjacking tactics

A number of highjacking cases has been reported to have been taking place in Kanana, an entrance bridge used by vehicles coming from town, heading for the township. The South African Police Service in Kanana North West, have worked on clearing the sides, removing trees and branches highjackers use to commit the crimes.

It is said unknown and armed men have been using the bridge for personal criminal gain, stopping vehicles using tree stumps to block the road and wait until the driver steps out to remove it, they step in and swiftly leave with your vehicles and belongings. Police have been working tirelessly in cutting and removing the trees and stumps used to conduct thee crimes.

Reports further shows that a number of shooting have taken place at the second entrance bridge near the circle between Kanana and Orkney. A man was found dead with gunshot wounds and belongings missing. Countless cases have been reported on armed men hiding under the bridge, robbing people making their way to and from town on foot.

Police say they will not stop working on making Kanana a safe place for all and will continue to monitor such situations and prevent further criminal activities from happening. The bridge has now been declaired safe to use, but requests motorists and people on foot to be conscious and warry when using the bridge.