May 24, 2024

Kanana | Post Election and no service delivery for the people


In the township of Kanana Orkney under the Matlosana Municipality, the community experienced lack of service delivery prior local municipal elections with no dustbins collected.

Just when you enter the township, you are welcomed by black plastic bags piled up filled with trash not collected for weeks on end. Residents say they assumed once they are done casting votes, service delivery will go back to normal and collection will commence as usual. Elections were set for Monday 01 November 2021, with voting count completed on Wednesday evening.

Kanana is a township where many are members of the ANC and voters do not mind publicly embracing their trust and loyalty in the party. Irrespective of heading out to various voting stations and casting a vote in choosing candidates to represent them as councillors of their ward, the community still suffer the syndrome of living under poor service delivery.

For the month of October till now, residents had to find ways on their own on how to disperse the trash and not live with the filth. A few days ago a mechanic from Mozambique residing in the community, took his van and collected all the dustbins of homes around where he stays to dump them at a nearby dumping site. A number of local community members with trucks joined in assisting but that did not prevent the strong uncomfortable smells that other residents have to live with.

On Friday late afternoon just as residents are angry with the poor service delivery, more went downhill when residents realised their taps were dry. It has been weeks leading to over a month staying with uncollected trash and now they have suffered over 24 hours without running water. People are angry but have not yet laid a formal complaint with the municipality to get the solution to the problem they find themselves dumped into. Matlosana municipality have not yet informed the people on what is the course of such an act and if it will be resolved.