May 28, 2024

Justice Mandisa Maya nominated for Deputy Chief Justice position


President Cyril Ramaphosa has stated in a letter received by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that he was considering appointing Justice Mandisa Maya as Deputy Chief Justice and look to consult the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on her suitability.

Justice Mandisa Maya who is currently the President of the Supreme Court of Appeal has accepted the nomination to take over the position as Deputy Chief Justice, and will be interviewed on the 20th of June.

She says she wishes for other candidates and the judges, to not see her as a woman but as a woman judge. Maya was the only woman running as candidate for the Chief Justice position which was taken to win by Raymond Zondo. She was also the first black woman to join the Supreme Court of Appeal and first woman to take the deputy position. Her determination to law strives in indicating that gender is not a factor or a category to place when looking for a candidate to fill a position.