May 20, 2024

“Justice For Namhla Mtwa”

Namhla Mtwa

“Her name is Singwa Namhla Mtwa, she was shot and killed with 9 bullets on a driveway at Sdwadwa in Umtata South Africa. It was alleged that she was trying to leave an abusive relationship with the pictured Mfesane Bhekezulu.” A story doing the rounds on social media, explaining what happened to Namhla Mtwa, a 35 year old female from Eastern Cape who allegedly died in the hands of her abusive boyfriend.

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Mtwa died 21 April 2022, shot in the drive way of her home, her sister (an account by the name Sanga Nozintaba) took to facebook detailing the aftermath of Mtwa’s death, shocking details of how the boyfriend Major Mfesane Bekezulu sent a person to the the family honeto collect the car she was shot in. The odd part of the individual was when he said hes here to collect the car as it was involved in a highjacking, whereas she died in it. Screenshots of Mtwa and Bekezulu exchanging chats, were shared on social media.

Sensitive picture of Namhla was also shared, showcasing the abuse she endured during the relationship and left with marks on her body. The graphics shared angered mzansi, even coming to learn he was a member of the ANC, and a well-known business man from Mthatha, Major Bhekizulu who was charged with premeditated murder and attempted murder in 2018.

from the shared screenshots,  it can be seen that Mtwa even before the last days of her life, live for apologising towads Major on all occasions. Messages of her apologizing and asking for forgiveness ad one specific text where she was asked why she got beaten up and her response was “because I didn’t listen” which raised awareness that she was abused in the relationship.

Angry South Africans  are calling on the ANC to call the boyfriend in question to book and SAPS to treat him as a suspect in the case. “@MYANC your silence is too loud Your members are in the front lines of femicide and nithule nithe cwaka. Even your woman’s league This monster Major Mfesane Bhekezulu is the prime suspect on Namhla’s case and Mthatha police haven’t done anything about it.”