May 20, 2024

July Sassa SRD and Child grant Payment dates


Sassa beneficiaries are set to start receiving their payments on Monday. Sassa has issued out a statement requesting that recipients make use of other alternative payment method collect their social grant money. Social grant payment dates are set as follows: Older Persons Grant 04 July, Disability Grant 05 July and for Children/Other Grant 06 July.

On the statement provided, the organization states that recipients use ATMs and merchant stores such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer, etc to grant access to their grant and for recipients who lost their pin should go to their nearest post office to require a new pin and get it updated, also encouraging that they keep in mind never to share their pin with anyone.

Regarding the SRD R350, Sassa urged for those who would like to make appeals to do so on their website, and to have their details updated. For clients with screening questions for April and May are given until 07 July to do so.