May 20, 2024

Julius Malema:”Vigilante Groups Will Emerge”


He may have not mentioned names but the message was clear to everyone. Julius Malema in Mamelodi on Freedom day, touched on vigilante groups that will emerge, formed by those whose  parents took them to White dominated schools, fees paid with stolen money, will succeed in calling themselves leaders because EFF members are nowhere to be found in Mamelodi.

If one is familiar with Nhlanhla Lux’s story, it will be understood crystal clear at whom the line Julius Malema used, was directed to. Lux has been in Soshanguve multiple times after he was called in as Operation Dudula, to deal with drugs within the communities. Malema says drug dealers that went to school whose academic fees are paid with stolen money are now entering the streets claiming to be leaders and for the people. “Occupy the streets, become community activist, fight for the rights of our people, know the problems of our people, resolve the problems of our people, you don’t have to be in government to be an activist.”

Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini raised a few eyebrows following his interview with MacGyver “MacG” Mukwevho and Sol Phenduka on Podcast and Chill with MacG . The community leader sensationally claimed that his father, an alleged gangster, paid his school fees for 5 years in advance following a successful cash-in-transit (CIT) robbery. This information linked to the phrase Malema used during his Freedom Day address.

As usual, the EFF leader Encouraged the crowd to not only become members but to stand up in owning their communities, throwing the words “become an activist” quite a few times. Malema condemned bribes made for employment, calling out the name Joe Malesela, belonging to the ANC, who he says rumour has it he takes bribe to offer people of Memolodi employment and to get any form of work, one has to go through him with a bribe first. “This person they know him, had there been corrupt cases opened against people who start projects meant to benefit the people not complete them…EFF will finish them for the people of Mamelodi.”

The highlight for people of the speech apart from phrasing Nlanhla Lux, was  when he mentioned how Cyril has not produced works that pleases the people of South Africa, did not leave them with anything tangible to believe in, including not leaving his nose behind. “He acts as though he’s busy bloody fool.”