May 24, 2024

Julius Malema | South Africa has no leader


The EFF party held the EFF Presser Wednesday at noon to address the public about the matters that are politically taking place in South Africa and other parts of the world, the sitting was addressed by the leader of the Party Julius Malema.

The leader began with a confirmation, to confirm they will be contesting all local, District and Metropolitan municipalities in the upcoming Local Government Elections and that the party has already submitted Ward councillors and candidates for the elections to the IEC before the due date.

The EFF leader, congratulated his members that have worked hard and urges others to do the same as they are to prepare to campaign for the victory of the EFF. The Party’s 2021 local government elections Manifesto, will partake on the 26th of September 2021 in Johannesburg and launch their official opening of the EFFs Head Quarters. He says disallowing political parties from campaigning and convening political gatherings, also to engage with community members, undermines the freeness and fairness of elections, compromising the democratic project.

Malema expressed his disappointment in the way matters have been handled in South Africa, he emphasized on the shocking revelation issues by stats SA, regarding the unemployment rate that made headlines on Tuesday. He again stands with his words saying “the people of South Africa are still leaderless and this is a reflection by the rising of poverty, unemployment and suffering.” Malema states that government has not done anything to protect black owned small and medium business, especially in the informal sector. He says the spike in Unemployment will worsen the crime level that will lead to social instability.

Julius Malema urges the government to hear their cry as they suggest the government source scientific proof of tested vaccines from all parts of the world not just from the west and to particularly consider China and Russia’s efficacy against the Delta variant. The EFF leader continued by congratulating the new President of Zambia in winning the elections, and urging the Taliban currently ruling Afghanistan to not have any bloodshed, especially that of the innocent, them being the women and children at most.

In anger, Malema significantly expressed his rage on how judges in commission, are close with high profile members, “judge Pillay who declared in the JSC, she is the best friend of Pravin Gordan, a politician.” Cried Julius Malema. He says the IEC should be transparent with them and stop postponing, accommodating the African National Congress (ANC) when they miss the deadline. “Everything the IEC does, we must check it twice. Even when we go to elections now, the IEC cannot be trusted. It has got commissioners with questionable characters.” Said the EFF leader.


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