Jul 21, 2024

Julius Malema | In Case You Fail to Put ANC Out of The Johannesburg Metro, Call Me I Will Make a Plan | EFF Siyabonga Rally

Julius Malema

Thembisa had the honour of sharing the day with the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema, who held a ‘Siyabonga Rally’ event in Thembisa on 20 November 2021.

As expected, Malema had a thing or two to say about the IFP and ANC coalition before actually thanking his guests. Politics is no child’s play, however the EFF leader came forth as rather calm and not worried or affected by the results of the elections and the outcome of the on-going coalition.

Political parties were given 14 days to remove the posters hanging up on the streets and another 14 days came up given to the parties to conclude with coalitions. The country waited to see what happens hoping that the EFF will come to a coalition with the ANC but to the surprise, every party publicly announced that they will not even give the ANC an eye, with Herman Mashaba of ActionSA taking it further saying the party has approached him and he said no, however the ANC denied the scenario ever having happened.

ActionSA, DA, FF plus, ACDP, UDM and COPE, all came to a coalition in an attempt to bring the ANC out of Johannesburg by supporting the DA’s Mayoral candidate of Johannesburg. Malema took this opportunity to congratulate the parties on their decision and wished them luck but it did not end there. Words were uttered out of his mouth that came out as words of doubts, he mentioned that if they fail, they should not have any fear of consulting with him, he will probably do them a favour and come up with a plan.

The EFF leader expressed his disappointment with the media saying articles were issued out stating the EFF has formed a coalition with the ANC, bringing in the party through a back door but when the IFP formed a coalition with the party, no article was issued regarding the matter and he is glad that Prince Buthelezi is still alive to see the EFF growing stronger.

It seems the EFF and the IFP had agreed to meet up for talks of coalition but that ended up not taking place due to IFP working with the ANC and Julius Malema taking it as a stab in the back. We are yet to witness which party EFF will go with, he has wished all the parties working with the DA to watch out for any racial activities and the shock he had finding out Mashaba will be working with the DA even after he left the party.

Malema concluded the event with saying the party will work very hard putting their heads together to find out as to why EFF has so many supporters yet their supporters did not go and vote. He furthermore thanked all his members and candidates, also the voters of the Northern Cape Province for shockingly coming out in their numbers to vote for the EFF.