May 28, 2024

Julius Malema Apologise for having to leave Gogo Ndlozi Funeral Earlier


The EFF President Julius Malema paying his respect at Gogo Ndlozi Funeral service apologised for having to leave the funeral earlier to attend to the thief in parliament, President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Julius Malema made a strong speach at the Ndlozi funeral sharing his experiences in interaction with Gogo Ndlozi who was a member of the EFF in good standing. The EFF president asked Mbuyiseni Ndlozi to check if all the elders at the fumeral have beds so that he can provide for them.

Malema stated that the deputy president Floyd SHivambu has said that they have to leave earlier at 1pm so that they can attend to parliament in Cape Town, to deal with the money thief President Cyril Ramaphosa

The EFF president made a promise to provide beds with groceries to all the elders at the funeral, He stated that what they are doing at parliament is not who they are but they are fighting for black people to have dignity. Malema stated that Gogo Ndlozi funeral coffin is simple because the family is not trying to prove anything as they were taking care of Gogo while she was still alive.