May 24, 2024

Judy Jay call it a day on being a DJ


The sensational young club Dj, Judy Jay has called it quits on her deejaying career sighting personal wellbeing as one of the factors that led to this conclusion.

Judy Jay’s career was just picking up with a lots of gigs trickling in and her ability improving further as she was also venturing into producing her own music other than being a disc jocker.

The young Dj sighted personal reasons as part of her decision, stating that she thought long and hard about this, but she reached the same decision. She had been in the music industry for almost three years now,.

Judy thanked those who helped build her career to be where it was now, she particularly thanked diesel, sportscene, YFM, deepJozi to name a few, she went on to thank her family for supporting her throughout.

Her touching letter had the attention of some of the music’s finests such as Heavy K, who stated that he feels sad for this and hopes one day she changes her mind and comes back into the industry to continue where she left off, as he feels she is not yet done.




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