May 24, 2024

Jub Jub Promises a Nuclear Bomb of “THE REAL TRUTH”

Jub Jub

Well, there you have it, Jub Jub came out and had plenty to say. The name Jub Jub has turned the internet upside down, not only that but also cost people their careers.

Just a few days ago Moja Love fans were furious after they saw Jub Jub replaced with Mushe Ndiki on the ‘You Promised to Marry Me’ show that also replaced Uyajola 99. Followers were angry and demanded his return and the return of Uyajola 99, however little did everyone know that Jub Jub will mess things up for himself.

Earlier in the day, Moja Love made a public announcement about the suspension of Jub Jub and when we thought that was it, Amstel pulls out their sponsorship for the Podcast and Chill with MacG, for the remarks him and his co-host made regarding transgender group, also adding to the fire of the Jub Jub but that one, blame cannot be put on the podcast as its core task is to reveal the secretes celebrities contain but to also offer productive shows like those that hosted Zola 7, Robert Marawa and many more.

Jub Jub broke the net this past week and today we come across a post under his official_jubjub account promising to drop a nuclear bomb with juicy stories to give out. The post read as follows: “There’s power in those who have been silent and finally get to speak. I despise people who take advantage of the weak and vulnerable, people who judge anything they know nothing about. My name has been dragged in the mud for far too long, people mocking and undermining what it took to build this name, @macgunleased just got a sneak peak of what’s to come… THE REAL TRUTH about myself, family, snakes, prison, friends, accident, justice system and everyone in it and all the events of my life WILL COME OUT START TO FINISH with the PROOF. I warned ya’ll about abusing me and using my name ngathi iChappies…THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF RARE BREED STORY.”

Its really shocking to hear such from the accused, after he was accused of rape by Amanda DuPont, with Prince KayBee calling him names and Mohale Motaung who supported DuPont on a tweet but rather got a few punches from followers who felt he’s just being biased. More women have come forth to also confess rape from Jub Jub one being the famously known Masechaba Khumalo.