May 24, 2024

John Nkgodi | Councillor of Ward 23 In Marapyane under Dr JS Moroka

Marapyane The name John Nkgodi has been a buzz in our publication from various articles that varied from corruption on projects

The name John Nkgodi has been a buzz in our publication from various articles that varied from corruption on projects, to the complaints from concerned community members on the same project.

Just as much as elections are less than a week away, campaigns are not near the ending stage. This time around we hear from councillor Nkgodi, a man who has served the Dr JS Moroka municipality with the African National Congress for half a decade. The ANC has been in power for 27 years, leading South Africa to democracy.

Service delivery, basic needs and employment are few of the things South Africa longs for from the governing party. Nkgodi explains on his practice of being available 24/7 to his community, bringing much development on roads, making certain all the schools in his ward experiences modernized sanitations and building PHP houses.  He added on emphasizing the completion of the first phase of bulk water projects, bringing skills development programmes through learnerships and supporting the youth advisory centre in the ward throughout.

With on-going feedback from the community, he has created a strong working relationship with all the stakeholders, local chiefs, traditional council and community forums. Because of that, the councillor says in the next five years once elected, along with his organisation, they will continue to work and serve where they left off and also provide more intensity to the programme.

Councillor Nkgodi said the main issue was around the department increasing the budget for security personnel to be increased at night, to assist the re-establishment and the opening of their community health centre for a 24 hour service and proper lighting, installation of surveillance cameras and a possible emergency response security team.

Councillor John Nkgodi agreed to being aware of the needs and the additional budgeting that will be required to get the job done. He mentioned the reason that landed to the changing of hours to the clinic, was due to incidents of crime that happened in 2019, prompting the labour unions to prevent workers from providing service at night, however says they are communicating with the department and the matter will soon be solved. Nkgodi says this has encouraged him to work more with law enforcement agencies, to fight and reduce crime within Marapyane.

The list of active plans John Nkgodi has set out for once he is re-elected sits as allocated below:

Fight to reduce crime working with law enforcement agencies, Fast track service delivery programmes that is build more houses (finish our bus route network and fix other roads with priority going to roads to churches, schools, and other parts of our village), finish up the water project by making sure we do household reticulation and build more CWB toilets. Support the development programme for a township development, develop a strategy for industrialisation to reduce unemployment and poverty and bring more economic developments also continue with the Skills development programmes

Build a sports centre and encourage Schools to restart school sports programmes, reignite the fight against drug and alcohol abuse, gender-based violence and bring more agricultural programmes to help fight poverty. Go all out to lobby a TVET college institution to come use our Marapyane college of agriculture building on a full time basic. To help skill our youth and reduce unemployment, lastly to help regulate all businesses, help improve municipality revenue collection and improve our by-laws to help protect our people.