May 28, 2024

Johannesburg Discontinued Speed Cameras For Almost A Year

Xolani Fihla, spokesperson of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that Johannesburg hasn’t had any working speed cameras for more than a year. All speed prosecutions in the city have been discontinued since 31 May 2021.

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department says the tender to repair or supply speed cameras in the city closed earlier in the month of April, and are hoping to have the issue resolved by the end of June. However in the meantime, the city has lost millions in revenue and will continue to do so if the speed Cameras are not resolved.

Processing of speed fines has also been a downslope for the department. Speeding Cameras halted were station at hotspot areas were fatal incidents have been encountered, such as the M1, N1 and all Municipal roads in the city of Johannesburg. Almost a year since they were put to stop, not being able to correct lawlessness on roads by preventing and reducing accidents caused by speed driving that may be influenced by drunk driving or reckless driving.

Both automated and manual speed cameras are not working. Therefor hand written fines are being given, with traffic officials situated and stationed in certain areas to correct drivers and monitor that the rules of the road are being applied by motorists also enforcing the rules of the road and signs. .