Jamie Bartlett’s cause of death revealed


The former Rhythm city Actor, Jamie Barlett death has been revealed by his partner Rosa Onious. The South African Art industry has once again suffered a loss when Bartlett passed away on Monday evening at 55 years old.

According to Rosa Onius, an autopsy revealed that cardiac arrest was the reason behind the actor’s death. “We got the autopsy results and they said it was cardiac arrest,” she said. The 29-year-old retail manager reportedly tried to wake Bartlett up on Monday afternoon but he didn’t wake up and also tried nudging him but that also didn’t work.

Onious and her mother then called an ambulance. Paramedics are said to have tried everything to resuscitate him but it was unfortunately too late. The family is yet to communicate dates for the memorial service and funeral.

On Sunday night, the beloved actor made a public appearance at the Lidwstyle Brooklyn club in Pretoria. Bartlett was with Somizi and his girlfriend Rosa as the group partied in VIP. On Monday afternoon, hours before the news of his death broke online, Rosa shared a clip of their time in the club.

Somizi also shared several videos of his last moments with Jamie Bartlett. On that Sunday, Bartlett is said to have greeted everyone at the Lifestyle Brooklyn club and also interacted with the kitchen staff who took pictures with him.

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