May 20, 2024

James Bhemgee Former SA’s Got Talent Winner dies at 57

James Bhemgee

Opera singer 57 year old James Bhemgee, died at his home, after alerting he was sick and went into bedrest for two days. Reports suggest the former SA’s Got Talent winner, died in the early hours just before 4am.

A resident who lives with James said he was “sick” in bed for two days. “He seemed OK but just said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to lie down. He was still OK last night. I know he had some kidney issues and often asked for advice from a kidney patient we know. He wasn’t at the point of receiving dialysis yet but he was suffering from kidney problems.”

“He didn’t complain of any pains yesterday but this morning around 3am, his eyes were going to the back of his head and we knew something was wrong. While another resident tried to rush him to hospital by car, he died on the way.”

Messages of condolences from fans and singers are still pouring in on social media, Bhemgee was known as the winner of SA’s Got Talent Season 2. In 2019 Bhemgee alleged he was assaulted and harassed by South African National Defence Force (SANDF) soldiers during a raid adding that he was treated like a “terrorist”.