Jul 20, 2024

Jacob Zuma Recieving Love on Social Media

Jacob Zuma Recieving Love on Social Media

SA woke up with appreciation for the Former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma. A compile of previous clips with Zuma explaining the war years back is being brought up and based on the clips, everything he says describes the current war between Russia on Ukraine.

Compared to South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa, many have describes Zuma as the best President South Africa ever had. He’s being labelled at the reputable candidate when having to delegate with other leaders who stand to ignite war any time.

Some say Zuma made wise decisions, politically befriending himself with the feared leaders. Nonetheless they are also honouring his name in all the decisions he made for the country.

While his alleged corruption acts are being brought up, majority have come to his defense saying the current president who was chosen on the grounds of “he has multi billion Rand worth businesses he will not steal from the poor” has had his name being put on the table for corruption some also involving him son.

February the month of love, closes it’s chapter with Zuma’s fans finding the need to write testimonials on social media and showing appreciation and love to the Former President.