May 20, 2024

Jaco Swart Claims He was Assaulted In Pretoria

Jaco Swart

According to reports Jaco Swart who assaulted his now ex wife and was fined R20 000, also handed a three years suspended sentence by the court claims he was assaulted by a group of unidentified men in Pretoria on Thursday.

Jaco Swart shared the news with his lawyer Enoch Nethanani, Jaco Swart alleges that he was beaten and put in the boot of the car by a group of men he can’t identify, according to him he was hit on the head and loaded in a car boot for some time before he was thrown out in an unknown place.

Swart sentence caused public outrage after millions of South Africans we angered by his actions of continuously abusing and assaulting his wife only to get a mere R20 000 fine and suspended sentence, this caused many to see the law as inconsistant claiming that if it was a black person he would have got a hush sentence.

His lawyer stated that Jaco Swart did not open a case as he had lost faith in Sinoville police station, Nethenani says he is fearing for the life of Jaco stating that “What if he goes out and they kill him? as he doesn’t know who are the people that assaulted him.” He went on to ask for the public to be aware that his client is serving a sentence and nobody has the right to assault, kill him or make inflammatory statements.