May 24, 2024

Israel Matseke Zulu Issues A Statement Following His Departure On Gomora


Israel Matseke Zulu popularly known as GP issued a statement, stating health matters as the reason for his exit from the popular drama, Gomora.

Israel stated that he is overwhelmed by messages of support, he has been receiving from concerned friends and supporters over the reports of his illness  that subsequently led to his exit from the mzansi magic drama, Gomora.

Zulu stated that he has been diagnosed with gangrene that has affected his right leg making it difficult for him to walk properly and function well on set during the shooting, he went on to also state that the illness made it hard for him to give his all to the show due to being semi crippled.

Israel stated his illness started shortly after he joined Gomora, as he took it in passing as nothing serious. He apologised to the multitudes of his fans for the untimely exit from the show and urged them to continue supporting the show. GP said, he is currently receiving treatment in Mpumalanga and in high spirit as he believes the worst has passed.

It is understood that GP attended the last few shoots on a wheel chair due to the illness as he couldn’t walk, the actor assured his fans that he surely will be back with a bang.


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